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5 Engagement Questions Answered

A Pardot Research Report

How do I increase engagement with my content and brand?

It’s the question at the heart of almost everything a marketer does. In an effort to answer this crucial question, we recently surveyed over 400 people on issues of brand engagement: the ways in which they engage, why, and how these engagements influence their decision to purchase.

And we found that producing engaging content is more important than ever; in fact, respondents indicated that having authentic content was 3x more impactful than a brand's perceived position in the marketplace when it came to making purchasing decisions.

Check out our report to learn more about our findings and answer some common questions of engagement, including:

  • What factors affect the likelihood that my content will be engaged with and shared?

  • Which channels do my audience consider to be the most credible when searching for content?

  • Does the type of content affect engagement levels?

  • How do I accumulate subscribers, fans, and followers to engage with my brand?

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