Pardot, a Company

STATUS: Closed for Nominations

Nominations for this pilot are currently closed. When we re-open nominations, a post will be made in the Pardot B2B Marketing Automation Trailblazer Community. If you haven't already, please join that group for awesome help for other Pardot customers!

Pardot is running a pilot to test out new, advanced integrations with Sales Cloud Lightning. The pilot currently includes:

Participating in a pilot means you are committing to spend time trying out our new features and providing regular feedback to the product management team via a Success Community, office hours, and customer research interviews. You will also need administrative buy-in to set up this new experience in Sales Cloud, starting in a sandbox, but also available in your production org if you choose. You must be using the Lightning interface and participating Pardot users must also have a Salesforce license and login.