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Selling to the Information Driven Business

When asked about their buying processes, 65% of respondents to a recent IDC study commissioned by Salesforce agreed that “we usually engage a vendor sales professional only when we have made a purchase decision.”

Well, that complicates things. B2B marketing and sales teams are always searching for new ways to connect with customers. How can they work together to influence a buyer journey where the prospect is in the driver’s seat?

Download the IDC InfoBrief sponsored by Salesforce, Selling to the Information-Driven Business, May 2015, to learn:

  • When, why, and through what channels a buyer engages during their self-defined journey

  • Obstacles buyers encounter when making “good” purchasing decisions during the research and decision phases of the buyer’s journey

  • How marketing and sales can influence the buyer’s journey from the very early stages of engagement

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