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25 Marketing Automation Tips Straight from Sales

A Pardot White Paper

Ever wonder how your sales team can benefit from a marketing automation tool? At Pardot, we use marketing automation every day, and not just on our marketing team. Our sales reps have had great success using automation during the selling process — and they’re here to offer a few tips that can help you find success as well.

From social selling to personalized sales messages, the tips on in this white paper will help your sales reps prioritize the automation features that they’ll find most useful.

Learn more about:

  • how Pardot's team of cold-callers uses automation to prioritize lead follow-up

  • how the different types of sales reps — from account executives to sales managers — can use marketing automation on a daily basis

  • how marketing automation can personalize the sales process for each buyer

  • why marketing automation should be your go-to tool to streamline your marketing and sales processes, from lead qualification to lead assignment

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