If your app is not built yet, describe what you would like the app to do and how you plan on integrating it with Pardot.

If "Yes," the activation email for your Training Environment sent to the email address provided above.

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Want to Create a Pardot App?

You've got an awesome app and you think our Pardot users would benefit from a slick integration with your system and ours. As you can see on our Apps page, we have many companies that have already built integrations with Pardot, but we're always looking for more!

How to get started building a Pardot app:

First, fill out the form on this page to indicate your interest so the partner team can follow-up accordingly.

Next, if you have not yet built an integration, there are two different approaches to building one:

  1. Create a Salesforce AppExchange package which integrates via custom objects (recommended method). With the Pardot custom object integration, you can bring this data from Salesforce into Pardot and segment/automate accordingly. 
  2. Connect with the Pardot API. Our API documentation can be found on our Developer Site.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I'd like access to a Pardot Training Environment for testing purposes while I build out my Pardot app. How do I request a Training Environment?

  • Select "Yes, I'd like to have my own Training Environment" on the dropdown field on the form to the right. 
  • This will begin the approval process to provision your Training Environment.
  • Once the provisioning is complete, you will receive a Pardot activation email and follow-up email from our Partners team with more details on your new Training Environment.

Q: I've built my app and it is successfully integrated with Pardot. How do I share this with the Pardot team and get on the list of apps on the Pardot website?

  • Before an introduction to our Product Team, you will need to meet the following requirements:
    1. At least five Pardot customers are successfully using your integration.
    2. Completed written instructions (i.e. Knowledge Base article) on how to set-up and use your integration in Pardot.
    3. Completed one-pager describing how your integration works, the value of your integration, and what problems it solves for our Pardot customers. 
  • Once you've met the these requirements, contact  pardotpartners@salesforce.com to coordinate an introduction to our Product Team.

Q: Help, I still have questions! Who can I reach out to?